Guide to Growing Greener Grass

Kingsport, TN

Growing green grass is often a goal of many homeowners. There is something about the look of beautiful, green grass that most people covet. While growing greener grass in the Tri-Cities may seem a bit challenging, your expert landscapers at Promier Landscapes has provided you with some tips that will help.

Follow this guide to grow greener grass, and your neighbors will be envious!


One of the first steps in growing greener grass is mowing at proper heights. Although some people would rather cut their grass as short as possible so that they don’t have to mow as often, this is terrible for your grass. Cutting your grass too short results in the soil drying out, which kills the grass. You should never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade at once.

Longer grass helps protect the soil by keeping it cooler and retaining moisture. Also, be sure that your lawnmower’s blade remains sharp. Dull blades can essentially tear the grass, damaging it or leaving it at risk for diseases.


Growing green grass involves much more than spreading grass seed and watering. Aerating involves poking tiny holes into the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This simple task helps loosen compacted soil, which occurs over time from walking on it and natural settling. You should aerate your lawn once per year. There are different types of aerators available, so be sure to choose the one that is best for your soil. Hollow-tined aerators are good for heavily compacted soil as they remove cores of soil. A solid tined aerator may be more ideal for less compacted soil.

Scarify Your Soil

Sacrify or dethatching your soil involves raking the top layer to remove dead, dried up grass, and other accumulated debris such as leaves. Scarifying your lawn should be done every spring, and again in the fall. Removing this dead debris helps allow nutrients and moisture to reach the soil. It is a fairly simple task, and may even be one that you can bribe your teenager into doing for you!


Lush, green grass requires lots of watering. And, during the hot summers we experience here in the Tri-Cities area, this means that you will need to manually water your lawn more often or have a sprinkler system installed. Aim to water your lawn in the morning or before the heat of the day. Also, water about three times per week, and give your lawn a good soak. Avoid shallow, frequent watering sessions as this does not encourage the roots to grow very deep. Remember also to never cut your grass when it is wet.

Feed and Weed

You also need to feed your lawn in the spring. Now is the time to feed nitrogen-rich nutrients to your grass to give it strength and durability. Just be sure to spread the feed evenly across your lawn. Weeding is another important step. Tend to weeds before they grow out of control, which makes them more difficult to eliminate. You can pull weeds up by hand, being careful to remove the roots or use a spot treatment for larger areas. 

Lawn Maintenance in the Tri-Cities

Our staff has a wealth of experience in landscaping and lawn maintenance. Starting with a consultation, the team at Promier Landscapes will help make sure your plants and lawn stay well cared for this spring and beyond. To learn more about our services, call (423) 246-7977 to schedule your consultation today.

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