Turn your Brown Grass Green

Kingsport, TN

Brown grass in your lawn can be an eyesore that affects the curb appeal of your home and, with it, the value. As spring arrives, your local East Tennessee landscape professionals at Promier Landscapes wants to help with this guide on how to restore your lawn to its green glory.

Before you can fix the appearance of your grass, you must identify what caused your grass to turn brown. Disease and water damage are two of the most common culprits. It can be difficult to determine the presence of disease without consulting the services of a professional landscaper—like the ones on staff at Promier Landscapes. However, you can determine whether the water your grass is receiving is at adequate levels.

First, determine the type of grass you have; is it a cool-season or warm-season variety? Obtaining this information, and the water requirements for that species of grass will help you determine whether the amount of water your grass is receiving is sufficient, or if it should be reduced or increased.

Next, take empty cans and place them around the area of grass that has turned brown. Turn on your sprinkler system and let it run for 20 minutes on the brown grass. Next, use a ruler to measure the amount of water that has accumulated in each can. Did certain cans collect more water than others? If so, your lawn is not receiving uniform coverage from your irrigation system, and you should adjust your sprinkler nozzles to spray the entire area consistently.

Determining the overall water your grass receives takes a little bit of math. Add up the total amount of water collected in all of the cans, then divide that total by the number of cans you used. Multiply that average by three, and that is the amount of water that your grass receives each hour.

Most lawns require about 1 to 2 inches of water on a weekly basis in order to thrive. These water requirements can vary based on several factors, including the type of soil on your property, the amount of sunlight your lawn receives, and even the geographic location of your home. Adjust the sprinkler timer as needed. Deep watering sessions on an infrequent schedule are best to maintain green grass. However, you should change your sprinkler schedule to shorter, more frequent periods if the grass in question is on a slope.

Lawn Maintenance in the Tri-Cities

Your sprinkler schedule should be adjusted based on the time of year. If you have any questions about how much water your lawn should receive in a given season, or how to set up a sprinkler system for your own yard, why not ask the professionals at Promier Landscapes? We can send one of our experienced landscapers to your property to make a consultation on the best way to care for your grass or restore it to its former green glory. To learn more about our services, call our office at (423) 246-7977 to schedule a consultation.

Promier Landscapes is proud to offer landscape design, construction, and maintenance to clients in the areas of Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City in Tennessee.