soften your landscape with hardscape

Soften your Landscape with Hardscaping

soften your landscape with hardscapeKingsport, TN

When it comes to its role in landscape design, hardscaping can often be misunderstood. Well-chosen hardscaping additions can actually help soften a landscape by adding curves, whimsy, or creating a sense of motion.

What is hardscape?

Hardscapes are incorporated into a landscaping design and may include a patio, deck, fence, decor, pavers, retaining walls, and more.

The right hardscaping choices can make a small outdoor space feel larger or give a sprawling yard a more intimate feel. Hardscaping can be used to create privacy, or form distinct gardens or outdoor living areas.

Hardscapes may include a stone pathway alongside your home, connecting the front yard to the backyard. Pavers are a popular choice for pathways and patios and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Outlining your garden beds with hardscape materials is a beautiful way to create a clean edge, and make it easier for maintaining the grass alongside your garden beds. Hardscapes can also include a beautiful, soothing water feature or a comfortable and relaxing fire pit area for you to enjoy all year long.

Hardscaping can also include adding a nice focal point to your landscape. You do not need to spend much money to experiment with adding hardscape features such as something as simple as an old section of picket fence, an urn-shaped pot, or even a birdbath. Sometimes, just a few strategically placed rocks can make a difference in the look and feel of your garden.

Incorporate hardscapes into your design by adding shade, and useable space. A gazebo or pergola is an excellent way to provide a shaded area for relaxing or barbecuing. This type of hardscape allows you to be able to enjoy your outdoor space throughout the sunny seasons.

Place your chosen items in an area, then let them sit for a while so you can evaluate. This will give you a sense of what style you like—a repurposed cottage look? Something more formal? Once you know your style, you can choose different elements to provide a continuity of style throughout your outdoor landscape. When choosing pavers and designing a pathway or patio, the experts at Promier Landscapes can help turn your dream into reality.

Hardscaping can add soft touches, but working with hardscaping materials is not always an easy job. When creating a patio or pathway, leveling the ground and prepping it pavers or other appropriate stones, it requires lots of hard work. Luckily, for customers in East Tennessee, Promier Landscapes are here to help you with any project—big or small—to pull together your outdoor landscape.

We are an authorized dealer of Belgard Pavers, which are durable and stylish for completing your patio, driveway, or sidewalk project. Our artistic staff can also design and build hardscape structures such as a gazebo or pergola structure for you to enjoy.

For your landscape planning and maintenance needs, call Promier Landscapes at (423) 246-7977, and a member of our staff will be happy to provide assistance.

Promier Landscapes offers design, construction, and maintenance services for outdoor landscapes for customers in Knoxville and Kingsport, Tennessee.


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