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10 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid this Winter

winter landscapeKingsport, TN

It’s beginning to look like the time of year when the lawnmowers are at rest for a few months, yet you may already be dreaming of spring so that you can have your lawn looking green and lush again.

Whether you are hiring a landscaping company in Kingsport or a lawn mowing company in Johnson City, here are 10 landscaping mistakes to avoid this winter.

  1. Extreme lawn manicuring-When cutting your grass, keep consistent with the recommended mowing heights for the specific species of grass that you have growing on your lawn. Certain grass species are susceptible to damage if mowed too short. For example, Zoysia grass should be cut no more a 2-inch height.
  2. Forgetting once-over lawn cutting-During the fall pro and amateur landscapers rush to aerate, and seed their lawns in preparation for that final once-over grass cutting session. The once-over lawn cutting should be maintained even during the winter. Be sure that you emphasize those diagonal lines even while cutting your grass during the winter so that you can have a lush, neat looking lawn come spring.
  3. Not watering-During the fall and winter, even the hedges, fruit trees, and shrubs still need water. Plants can die of dehydration during the winter, especially during a period of low moisture or rain. If the elements are tolerable, as in above freezing, don’t hesitate to water your garden and lawn.
  4. Using the wrong kind of fertilizer-Granular fertilizer can be difficult to work with during the winter because it takes longer to dissolve once the weather turns cold. If winter temperatures are mild, it’s ok to use the granular variety. Otherwise, stick with a spray that you can apply to your lawn. Even during the winter plants and grass need fertilizer, which helps them combat frostbite.
  5. Not using a good quality mulch product-Use a good quality mulch to help insulate and protect your plants, shrubs, and trees. Using a poor quality variety may lead to unhealthy soil.
  6. Not raking the lawn-We know, raking the lawn is not your favorite past time, but it has to be done to prevent mold and fungus buildup, especially after it snows. Rake to remove leaves and eliminate this problem.
  7. Spraying plants with weed killer-Weed killer should only be applied when the temperatures reach 60 degrees or warmer.
  8. Late spring planting-Remember those beautiful flowers that sprout in early spring? To get that look you need to plant your spring bulbs now! Fall is the best time to plant bulbs like lilies, tulips, and the like to have a colorful, flowery spring garden. Planting too late won’t allow the bulbs enough time to germinate and bud in time.
  9. Missing out on garden supplies at stock up prices-This time of year most garden centers discount their garden supplies from everything including soil, pots, and seeds. You may even be able to snag some helpful tools at nearly 90% off!
  10. Ignoring pest problems-If during the winter you notice any sort of pest problem in your lawn, don’t ignore it. Instead, take proper measures to remedy the situation before it gets out of hand.

Professional Lawn Care in the Tri-Cities

These are just a few tips for taking care of your lawn this winter. Promier Landscapes provides full-service lawn care, as well as building hardscapes such as patios and walkways, and pools. If you would like to learn more about our services, please give us a call at (423) 246-7977 to schedule a consultation.

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