avoid fines hire professional landscaper

Avoid Fines, Liens, and Foreclosure by having Professional Landscaping

avoid fines hire professional landscaperKingsport, TN

One out of every five people lives in a neighborhood that has a Homeowners Association (HOA), according to Bankrate.com. Initially, HOA’s were established in the 1960’s as a way to address the increase in demand for affordable housing. Eventually, HOA’s turned into private homeowners, led by property managers and legal counsel, to preserve the architecture of their homes and neighborhood, which is similar to what most of us are familiar with today.

What happens exactly when someone ignores their covenants or bylaws set forth by his or her HOA? For example, what happens if the homeowners decide not to mow their lawn anymore, or maintain their landscape in accordance with their HOA rules? Whether you are not mowing the grass in Johnson City or Kingsport, what power does the HOA have? 

The HOA has the power to enforce rules outlined in their bylaws or covenant. A common enforcement is to fine the homeowners that are violating the rules. For instance, if the bylaws state that the grass can be no more than six inches tall, and the homeowner violates this policy, then the HOA can fine the homeowner. While some people may think they can just ignore these fines, it’s not such a good idea. Eventually, the fines will add up with penalties and late fees, and a lien can be placed on your property. If and when the property is sold, money first goes to settle any liens before money is paid out to the homeowners. This is not a good situation to be in. Not only does it eat into any equity you have but you could end up being upside down financially if you do not have enough equity to settle your liens. In other words, you may end up owing even more money for your unpaid liens and fines.

Some HOA’s have the power to actually evict, and foreclose on the home in the event that the homeowners continue violating the covenant, although fines followed by liens are more common. It is important that you check with your HOA’s bylaws to understand what can and cannot be done in the event you do not follow the covenant. However, to avoid these instances related to mowing your grass, hire a professional landscaping company in Kingsport such as Promier Landscapes.

We take the time to meet with you for a consultation, discussing what you need to have done to maintain your landscape. We also have professionals that can design and build a landscape that not only keeps you following the HOA rules but adds depth and beauty to your property. Hiring a professional landscaper to mow your grass in Kingsport not only means you will be in accordance with your HOA’s bylaws, but you can relax during the evenings and weekends knowing that you do not have to dedicate hours out in the heat to take care of your landscape. 

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