blooming shrubs for spring

Blooming Shrubs for a Colorful Spring!

blooming shrubs for springKingsport, TN

As warmer weather approaches and flowers are in bloom, it is time to start thinking about planning your outdoor landscape. Shrubs are a great way to fill in large spaces, especially around your home, walkways, or porch. Plus, certain species can add a splash of color to your garden. Shrubs can often vary in color but here are five shrubs that can paint a beautiful scenery in your yard.


The blooms of a viburnum shrub range from pink to white. Not only are the blooms gorgeous in color but they smell amazing! They are ideal for attracting birds if you are looking to create a wildlife sanctuary in your back yard. These shrubs can grow as much as 15 feet tall, so be sure to plan accordingly when you decide where to plant them. If you like plants that require little water and thrive in sunlight, the viburnum shrub is ideal for you. 

Mountain Laurel

This shrub blooms in the late spring but holds its vibrant color throughout the summer months. Their red, pink, or white blooms are uniquely-shaped. Plus, there is no need to worry about sunlight exposure since this shrub can thrive in sun or shade. Keep in mind that mountain laurel is considered poisonous, so be cautious about where you plant this shrub if you have small children or pets.


Talk about a burst of color, the bright yellow blooms of this shrub will attract the attention of almost any eye. Blooming as soon as spring arrives, this shrub can grow as tall as 10 feet, and thrives in well-drained soil and plenty of sunshine.


Lilac produces one of the most commonly recognized blooms, which are a sign that spring is here to stay. These soft purple blooms will adorn your lawn all summer long, not to mention the sweet smell that will fill the air. There are various types of lilac shrubs, and some even bloom through the fall season as well. Lilac grows well in ample sunlight, requires plenty of water, and may grow as tall as 15-20 feet.

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