what do landscapers know about drought

What do Landscapers Know About Drought?

what do landscapers know about droughtKingsport, TN

We are all too familiar with California’s drought problem. For the first time, last year, the Governor of California issued a statewide mandate for residents to reduce their water consumption by 25%, which means, watering the lawn if the first thing to go! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans use 30-60% of water usage for watering their lawn. By eliminating the need to water, Californians can adhere to the mandated reduction in water consumption.

Although Tennessee is not known to have drought problems year to year, we certainly have dry, and very hot summers. When it comes to planning your landscape, it may be difficult to understand what plants, shrubs, or bushes to plant that require little water or are even drought tolerant. But choosing the right plants to endure our hot summer months can save you time and money, plus helps preserve the environment! If you need help planning your landscape so it will last through summer, our professional landscapers can help. 

As a professional landscaping company, Promier Landscapes of East Tennessee understands how to plan a landscape for your home or business that is not only beautiful but one that accommodates the dry summer season. Although East Tennessee is not experiencing a true drought, saving on water consumption is not only good for your wallet but the environment too. 

Promier Landscapes can help you design a landscape that is drought resistant. Why plant plants that will only wither and die during the hot summer months? That is basically like throwing your money away. Instead, save money by choosing plants that are resistant to heat and can withstand dry weather. Our staff are knowledgeable in choosing from a wide array of plants, grasses, and trees that are heat tolerant, and it does not mean you can only plant cactuses. 

There are other ways to have a beautiful landscape other than planting thirsty flowers and maintaining a lush, green lawn. There are varieties of mulch, rock, and stone available that can take the place of your lawn entirely or areas of your lawn. Also, synthetic turf may be another option if you reside in a drought-stricken area. There are many desert type plants and shrubs available that require little to no water, except when it does rain. These options may be ideal for you if you reside in a drought-stricken area or if you are looking to save money on your lawn care. Plus, help make a positive impact on the environment by decreasing your water consumption.

If you are still worried about how much water it will take to maintain your landscape, consider installing a rain barrel to catch excess rainwater. You can use this water for your plants and shrubs. Rain barrels are relatively inexpensive, and worth every penny in the long run.

For a consultation on creating an environmentally friendly landscape, contact Promier Landscapes of Kingsport, TN by calling (423) 246-7977. We can help plan, build, and maintain landscapes for customers in East Tennesse, including Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol. For more than ten years, Promier Landscapes has provided customers with quality designs and service. Plus, each of our divisions is headed by University of Tennessee graduates from the Division of Horticulture.

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