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Maintaining your Landscape through the Summer

maintain landscape through summerKingsport, TN

It may still be spring here in East Tennessee, but anyone who has lived in this area for long is already expecting the dog days of summer. The time when it gets incredibly dry, and the water bill skyrockets as you water your lawn and plants often in hopes that they make it through the season. Your professional landscapers at Promier Landscapes wants to share with you some insight on maintaining your landscape through the hot summer. While East Tennessee may not necessary experience a drought, these tips are still helpful to getting you through the hot, dry summer we know all too well!

Know your Climate

The first thing when it comes to getting your landscape through a drought is to know your climate. While it may be too late into the season this year, be sure that you choose hearty plants and grasses that can withstand our hot summers. We typically begin spring with a lot of rain, and the rain again reappears during the fall. However, keep in mind that our summers tend to be quite hot. Therefore, select plants and grasses that can withstand the climate for East Tennessee. 

What are drought-resistant plants and grasses?

Certain plants are grown to resist drought or bask in the hot and dry sun. However, you do not have to make your landscape look like a desert just to get through the summer! The butterfly bush, hummingbird bush, lantanas, and square-bud primrose are plants that flourish gorgeous blooms while withstanding the summer heat of East Tennessee. While upon initial planting, you may need to water them frequently, once they are established they are good to go with infrequent watering.

As far as grasses, Bermuda, fescue, and bluegrass are ideal for our climate here in East Tennessee. While the ground tends to stay quite dry during the summer, we still experience a great deal of moisture in the air from all of the dreadful humidity. It is essential, however, that you water your grass seed while it is being established in either the spring or the fall. However, during the summer you can get by with infrequent watering to keeping it lasting throughout the season. It is better to water deep, which means for a longer duration at more infrequent intervals than to water a little bit every day. This way, the longer water sessions help your grass and plants to grow deep roots, which are necessary for survival during the summer. It is also best to water during the early morning hours before the sun has a chance to dry out the soil.

Add Pollinator Plants

Pollinators such as lantanas, butterfly bush, and oregano help maintain a healthy ecosystem among your landscape. Plus, these plants help provide a burst of color throughout the season, and provide a little something for nature’s most hardworking insects! There are many other types of pollinator plants that you can research online. These are just a few popular ones that are our favorites! 

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