Tips to keep your Landscape Healthy this Winter

Kingsport, TN

This time of year, those warm temperatures are a thing of the past as the cooler temperatures, and winter weather settles in. Winter weather here in east Tennessee sometimes can be unpredictable, but you still should take precautions to protect your landscape to have a flourishing lawn next spring.

Promier Landscapes, your professional landscapers in the Tri-Cities area wants to share with you some tips to keep your landscape healthy this winter.

Trim hedges and bushes

The weekly summer mowing chore and fall weeding and seeding are done for at least a few months, but that doesn’t mean you can hang up your garden gloves for the winter. This is the perfect time to trim your hedges and bushes to gear up for spring’s growing season. It is also an ideal time to prune your evergreen and deciduous trees.

Remove leaves

No one really likes the end of fall, because that means all of the leaves have fallen. Now is the time to remove leaves from your gutters, and your lawn. Leaving the leaves on your lawn could prevent necessary sunlight from reaching the grass underneath, and cause fungus and mold to grow on your lawn.

Prep beds for spring

Once you’ve trimmed your hedges and bushes, as well as removed all debris and leaves, it’s time to prep your garden beds for spring. If you want those gorgeous spring flowers such as tulips or lilies, plant bulbs in well-drained soil. Edge out your garden beds with defined edges too.


Most people don’t think about mulching until spring when adding a fresh layer adds to the aesthetics of your garden. However, it is a good idea to spread mulch now to protect your shrubs and bushes from the winter elements. The mulch helps retain moisture for the roots of the plants. Just be sure to keep the mulch away from the trunk of the bushes or trees, as having it too close can cause root rot and eventually kill your plants.

Protect fragile plants

If you have any type of shrubs or bushes that may not be able to withstand the harsh winter elements, cover them in a burlap wrap. Keep this wrapping in place throughout the rest of the season, and be sure to remove it once spring arrives. If rodents or deer like to feast on your trees or shrubs, cover the base of the trunk with wire mesh to protect it.

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