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7 Common Landscaping Mistakes

common landscape mistakesKingsport, TN

Whether you are hoping to achieve a beautiful landscape as a do-it-yourselfer, or you are hiring a professional, don’t let your investment go to waste by not following these seven common landscaping mistakes. This advice will help you properly calculate your needs for landscaping, incorporate existing aspects of your yard into your design plan, and how to save money by avoiding costly mistakes.

Not working with what you have

Maybe your yard is naturally rocky or has more shade coverage than you’d prefer. On the other hand, your yard may be sloped or exposed to a bountiful amount of sunshine. Whatever the conditions of your yard, the most practical approach is to incorporate these conditions into your plan if possible, instead of spending additional money trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

Maintaining a beautiful lawn just because your neighbor does

Some people believe that maintaining a beautiful, lush lawn is an essential part of being a homeowner. The truth is, just because your neighbor has a beautiful green lawn that you covet, doesn’t mean you have to compete. Maintaining a lawn that’s lush and green requires commitment and hard work. If you are not too keen on regular mowing and maintenance that a beautiful, healthy lawn requires, then maybe side with an option that requires less maintenance. Just be sure you choose a landscaping option that fits your style and commitment level. Don’t just follow what you think everyone else is doing. Branch out and create an outdoor space you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come.

Lack of color during the fall season

As soon as spring and summer are around the corner, it is natural for people to start getting the itch for wanting to spruce up their yard with lots of color from flowers and bushes. Most people tend to forget about the natural beauty that the fall season bestows upon us. There are varieties of vines and bushes that pack a big punch of fall color, long after the dog days of summer have passed. Sumac, Oakleaf Hydrangea, Virginia Creeper, and America Bittersweet are a few vines and bushes that will add color to your yard during the fall season.

Neglecting the beauty of winter

Just think, if the fall season is often forgotten about, what about the winter? It is common to think of winter as bitterly cold for much of the U.S. and how could anything survive in freezing temperatures? There are many evergreen shrubs and conifer trees that maintain their vibrant color throughout winter. Plants to consider for winter time are; trees or shrubs with berries, plants or shrubs that catch snow on its branches, trees with colorful bark and unusual texture, and evergreens that maintain their lush color.

Failing to irrigate your lawn

Summer is the time when most people like to travel. The kids are out of school and life tends to slow down, except for your garden. There’s one problem, how will you ensure your plants are watered properly? Don’t let the money and time you’ve spent planting your garden and landscape just because you want to enjoy a trip away from home. Although relying on a neighbor or family member to drop by and water your plants seems like an easy solution to your dilemma, it may not be the most reliable option. Don’t cancel your summer trips because of your lawn. Don’t leave your landscape to chance; instead, install an automatic irrigation system to take care of your watering needs.

Not incorporating the functionality of your landscape

Incorporating the functionality of your landscape can help add elements to your yard that you may not have considered. Plus, it can help save money by working with much of what you already have at hand. For instance, if your yard is shady and doesn’t drain well, try to incorporate this feature by planting shrubs and plants that thrive in these types of conditions. It is much more economical and environmental to try and work with the conditions of your landscape if at all possible.

Not properly planning your landscape

Piece milling your landscape is not an efficient way to plant. Have a plan before you even start shopping for plants. It is best to begin your planning process by sketching out your entire landscape to see a bird’s eye view of what you have to work with when designing your landscape. Don’t just fill spaces with any ole plant, start from scratch and consider all aspects of your landscape, not just bits and pieces of it.

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