how to block road noise by planting trees and shrubs

How to Block Road Noise by Planting Trees and Shrubs

how to block road noise by planting trees and shrubsKingsport, TN

Perhaps you are dealing with street or road noise on your property. The most common solution to this problem is to build a fence, but a fence is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and it may not be something you want in your front yard. A fence also may not be able to be built tall enough to block all of the unwanted noise.

A good alternative that both blocks noise and enhances the aesthetics of your property is to plant trees and shrubs to act as a de facto “natural fence.” Not only do plants help reduce noise from the roads, but they are also much more appealing to look at and can create an aesthetic appeal to your property.

Before beginning or considering such a project, be sure to address these key factors. You want to make sure that you choose the right trees or shrubs that will grow tall and thick enough to block out the noise you are hearing from surrounding roadways. Also, keep in mind your budget!

Before getting started, assess your property and ask yourself these questions. How urgent is the need to block out the noise? Can I tolerate it while waiting for the trees and shrubs to grow? The answer to this will determine what type of plants you buy, as some grow more quickly than others. If you need an immediate fix to your problem, you may want to opt for shrubs or trees that are already established. Otherwise, it could take several years or more for infant plants to grow to the proper height.

Also, try to quantify exactly how much noise there is. If you experience very loud noise on a consistent basis, you may consider planting some evergreen trees or shrubs that tend to be thicker and keep their foliage year round. Evergreen shrubs and trees are some of the most popular options for blocking roadway noise.

Also, determine your budget ahead of time. The cost of plants can vary over a wide range. If you want to purchase plants that already are at a certain height, you can expect the project to be significantly more expensive. Consider also shopping around and comparing prices at your local plant nurseries. Remember, you will need to dig quite a bit to plant the trees, especially if you are buying larger, more established trees. This may mean you have an added cost if you need to rent equipment to dig the holes. At this point, you may want to look into hiring a professional landscaping company in Kingsport to take care of the entire job for you!

Last, be sure to do your research. Avoid plants or trees that are going to lose their leaves in the fall and, consequently, lose their ability to block the noise. Remember also to take into account your property and any regulation issues when deciding what plants to buy.

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