gearing up for spring

Gearing up for Spring

gearing up for springKingsport, TN

We are still feeling the cool temperatures here in Tennessee, but it is almost time to start thinking about how you will prepare your lawn for spring. Your professional lawn care company, Promier Landscapes of Kingsport, Tennessee, has some helpful tips for gearing up for spring and getting your lawn ready for the upcoming season.

Inspect Your Lawn

Take a walk around your lawn making a note of any trouble spots such as bald areas, weeds, or pest issues. Notice anything that will cause concern for your yard. It is better to take care of these issues at first sight of them, rather than waiting to take care of it until later when the problem gets worse.

Clean up Debris

Remove old branches or other debris from trees, which will allow direct sunlight and air to reach the soil better. It is best to do this on a day when your grass is relatively dry so that you do not cause harm to soggy, wet grass by packing it down when walking on it.


You probably thought that raking was just for the fall after the last of the leaves have fallen. While that is certainly a good time to rake, you should also do this in preparation for spring. During the winter, some grass will dry out and die, causing what is known as thatch. Thatch prevents sunlight from reaching the soil and can invite the growth of molds.

Apply Pre-Emergent

The ideal time to apply a pre-emergent is before the ground reaches 55-60 degrees. Here in East Tennessee, that is usually about early March, although we understand how fickle the weather here can be. While you may not be able to judge the precise temperature of your soil, a good indicator that it is time for pre-emergent is to watch for the Forsythias to bloom, which usually happens a few weeks before crabgrass germinates. Be sure that you do not apply any new grass seed for at least eight weeks after the application of pre-emergent.

Clean Gutters

Fall and winter have probably left their remnants in your gutters by collecting leaves and twigs from trees. Be sure that you clean out your gutters to prevent this debris from finding its way back into your lawn. Plus, it is a good idea to remove this debris so that you do not end up with water damage to your home. Remember those “April showers?” Well, that rainy season will be here before you know it. Take caution now by cleaning out those gutters and have them ready to take on the rain this spring.

Lawn Care in the Tri-Cities

Our staff has a wealth of experience in gardening and landscaping. Starting with a consultation, the team at Promier Landscapes will help make sure your plants stay well cared for this spring and beyond. To learn more about our services, call (423) 246-7977 to schedule your consultation today.

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