fall lawn care tips

Fall Lawn Care Tips

fall lawn care tipsKingsport, TN

Just because you put the lawn mower away until spring does not mean you should neglect your lawn altogether until the warm weather breaks. Taking care of your lawn during the fall will help it rebuild and have it looking beautiful next spring.

When is the best time to feed my lawn?

We suggest feeding your lawn twice during the fall—once at the start of fall (usually September or early October), and again six to eight weeks later. These fall feedings help your lawn rebuild grassroots that may have been damaged during the summer. This damage is especially likely given how hot and dry this summer was.

Killing the weeds in your lawn

Fall is also a good time to kill weeds. You can do both at the same time by applying a weed-and-feed like Scotts Turf Builder, although there are other brands that may work just fine. The key is to not forget about those weeds or they may overtake your lawn!

What about reseeding my lawn?

Also, consider reseeding your lawn during the fall. This can also repair damage from the summertime. Once you have placed the seeds, keep them watered every day or two with a light misting until those seedlings have grown to mowing height.

What about tree care?

You actually can do extra damage to your lawn if you do not remove fallen tree leaves. Some believe that these leaves insulate the lawn during the frigid temperatures of winter but, in reality, they can block sunlight and thin your grass as a result. Rather than rake the leaves, mulch them with your lawn mower until they are cut up into pieces about as big as a dime. Applying a fall feeding after mulching leaves is a great idea.

Mowing your lawn in preparation for the winter

When you make your last couple of mows of the year, drop your mower down and cut your grass an inch or two shorter than you did the rest of the season. Continue these close-cropped mows until the grass stops growing, which usually happens in the early winter. When you make your final mow of the year, feel free to cut your lawn even a bit lower.

Protect your tools

Protect your tools for the new season by cleaning them before hanging them up, and go ahead and perform your winter maintenance on your mower before storing it into next spring. Fall is also a good time to go ahead and move any lawn furniture into storage until springtime.

If you have any questions about how to take care of your lawn before winter arrives, contact Promier Landscapes by calling (423) 246-7977. A member of our staff will be happy to help you. We also provide complete lawn care. Just give us a call, and one of our experts will come out to your house for a consultation and estimate.

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