get a great looking yard next spring

How to get great a looking Yard Next Spring

get a great looking yard next springKingsport, TN

Having a lush, green lawn and beautiful garden doesn’t come without some hard work. Ok, well, maybe a lot of hard work, and planning. While some of you may be a bit late to planning part, you can always put these tips to use next time around. Having a great looking lawn in the spring requires planning, along with some other methods of expert lawn care.

If you are looking to hire landscape designers in Kingsport, Promier Landscapes wants you to know how to get a great looking landscape in Kingsport next spring.


This may sound a bit odd, but start planning now for the type of lawn and garden that you want to have in the spring. Bulbs need to be planted during the fall to allow enough time to germinate and sprout by the time the temperatures break again in the spring. And, in the summertime next year, start planning what you want to have done to your lawn in the fall. Having a plan in place makes the doing part a lot easier. Some garden centers will even offer a discount if you purchase your plants ahead of time. Also, you’ve got plenty of time now to research and decide which type of plants you want to have for the shaded and sunny areas of your lawn. Don’t wait until it’s planting time to do all of your research while browsing the lawn care center, wasting valuable time you could spend planting.


If you hire a professional lawn care company in the Bristol area, or a lawn mowing company in Kingsport, make sure that you communicate what you want your lawn to look like. Do you want specific colors or types of plants? Let them know ahead of time so that they can plan your landscape for you. If you aren’t sure which plants will work best for your landscape, speak with the company you hire. They should be able to recommend ideas.

Pay attention to discounts

This time of year especially, lawn and garden centers will discount commonly used products and tools for landscaping. If you are into the DIY landscaping and taking care of your own lawn, then catch these sales to stock up on the items you need to keep your lawn care in check. You will save money and may even get to snag an item you’ve had your eye on for a while, but that was too expensive until it went on sale.

Hire a pro

Not really sure where to start or don’t have the time to put into the planning, designing, and maintenance? You’re in luck! Promier Landscapes is a top rated landscaping company in Kingsport, also offering services to homes and businesses in Johnson City and Bristol areas. If you do not have the patience or the time to deal with your landscape, we can take care of it all for you. To schedule a consultation, please call us at (423) 246-7977. We provide free estimates and are happy to consult with you to incorporate any of your own ideas or inspirations into your outdoor living space.