mowing your overgrown grass

Mowing your Overgrown Grass

mowing your overgrown grassKingsport TN

We get it, life gets busy and what usually takes the back seat? Your lawn! While binge-watching Netflix over the weekend may seem like a more relaxing way to enjoy your days off, the grass won’t mow itself! But, when life gets busy, or you just want to relax, here are some tips, brought to you by your Kingsport landscapers at Promier Landscapes, for keeping your yard from looking like an eyesore. 

If your grass has grown to extraordinary heights, understand that getting it mowed to an appropriate height is going to be a process. Simply mowing it short all at once is both hard on your lawnmower, and not all that healthy for your grass. Plan on taking two to three days mowing your lawn to get it back into shape, and save the haunted look for Halloween when it rolls around!

Use a trimmer to cut down grass that is really high. Grass that is higher than your knees may be difficult to mow with your mower, especially if it is push mower. Aim to trim your grass using a weed eater down to about half its current height, then allow the grass a few days to heal. Cutting too much of the grass at once can cause damage. After a few days, trim your grass using the weed eater again, but this time trim it down to about six to eight inches high, allowing it to recover for a few more days.

After you have achieved these first two steps, your grass is ready to be cut about one-third of its current height by using your lawnmower. Once you have your entire lawn mowed to an appropriate height, it is a good idea to keep your grass mowed once every four to five days or at least once a week throughout the summer. It is also ideal to always keep your lawn mower blades sharp to prevent damaging your grass blades.

If you find that you simply cannot keep up with mowing your grass in Johnson City or Kingsport, call the professional lawn care experts at Promier Landscapes to take care of the task for you. Not only are our landscapers professional, but they are also knowledgeable in various areas of lawn care. They take an individualized approach when caring for your lawn, making recommendations that are best suited to grow and maintain a lush landscape in the Tri-Cities.

Landscaping is an art and a science. It requires a time commitment that not everyone can dedicate. We can provide you with a customized mowing schedule that is the best fit for your grass type, which means your landscape never has to become the eyesore of the neighborhood!

Professional Grass Cutting in Johnson City

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