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Spring Lawn and Garden Tips – Part 1

Kingsport, TN

With spring just around the corner, your Tri-Cities landscapers at Promier Landscapes have tips to help get your lawn ready for spring. While maintaining your lawn by cutting the grass is an obvious way to keep your property manicured, there are also other tips that can help accessorize your landscape. Not only will your landscape look beautiful, but it may be the envy of the neighborhood! 

Plant Bulbs

Between now and May is the time to plant those gorgeous summer bulbs such as caladium, blood lily, iris, and dahlia. Planting bulbs are easy, you simply plant them and forget about it! The natural rainfall during spring is enough to keep the bulbs watered until they begin sprouting during the summer. Check out your local nursery for a variety of bulbs that are appropriate for your region. Each packet of bulbs will come with planting instructions, as far as how deep of a hole to dig, and how far apart the bulbs should be planted.


There is only slight evidence of spring emerging, although your allergies may tell you otherwise. However, now is the perfect time to mulch your flowerbeds and around trees before plants sprout. Waiting until after your plants emerge would take longer as you meticulously place mulch around each plant, taking care not to crush them. Mulching also is an important part of landscaping as it sets a clearly defined border for flowerbeds, and helps to retain moisture for plants.

Control Grubs

Grubs can destroy your beautiful, green grass. Although grubs can be beneficial for your lawn, too many can cause significant damage to your investment. Between the months of May to June is the perfect time to apply grub control chemicals. Be sure to water your lawn after applying the insecticide to help the control reach the roots of your grass.

Plant Grass Seed

Early spring is the perfect time to spread grass seed over your lawn. After you apply, lightly rake the soil about ¼” deep. Be sure to lightly water your lawn often or up to three times per day if it does not rain. As you notice your grass growing, you can back off on the frequency of your watering while increasing the amount of water during each session. This will encourage the roots to grow deeper. Stick with perennial grass seed, and don’t skimp by purchasing a cheap brand. Select a trusted brand, because you get what you pay for.

Mow Properly

Different types of grasses should be mowed at various heights. It is best to avoid cutting your grass too short, regardless of what type you have, to avoid draining the nutrients out of your grass.

Here is a quick guide to mowing heights:

  • Bermuda – 1 to 2 inches
  • Fescue – 2 to 3.5 inches
  • Kentucky Bluegrass – 2 to 3.5 inches
  • Augustine – 2 to 4 inches
  • Zoysia – Half an inch to 1.5 inches

Following these tips is only part of what it takes to grow and maintain a beautiful lawn. Stay tuned, as our upcoming blog will discuss specifics such as pruning, fertilizing, and weeding your lawn. 

Lawn Care in the Tri-Cities

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