Spring Lawn and Garden Tips – Part 2

Kingsport, TN

By now, you are probably ready to delve into lawn care for this spring. It is the time of year when lawn care is most vital as early spring is planting season and time to fertilize. Your Tri-Cities landscapers at Promier Landscapes have some more tips to help you get your lawn and garden ready for the season.

If you enjoyed our last blog, we left off at mowing grass, which requires more thought than you may realize. As we all know, cutting grass is not the only maintenance that lawns require. Now is the time to fertilize your lawn, as well as pay attention to some other details like pruning shrubs, and weeding your flowerbeds.


Fertilizing your lawn can help grow thicker, greener grass. It not only provides nutrients such as nitrogen, but it also helps balance the soil’s pH. Balanced pH is essential to growing a beautiful, healthy lawn. Just like when choosing your grass seed, opt for a quality fertilizer. There are many specific name brands available but speak with a representative at your local nursery if you have questions regarding brands of fertilizer. Remember that you may also need a spreader to help you spread the fertilizer across your lawn. Various types of spreaders are available. Choose the one that is the best fit for your sized lawn.

Prune Shrubs

Pruning is essential for the growth of shrubs. Allowing these type of plants to become overgrown will result in sparsely spaced branches, which doesn’t look that great. For summer blooming shrubs, they respond best to pruning during the spring. For any shrubs that bloom during the spring, be sure to trim them after their blooms fall off. Also, be sure that you use the proper tools when pruning as using the wrong tools could result in damaging your shrubs.

Weeding Flower Beds

Pulling weeds is probably one of the most tedious tasks in lawn maintenance. However, ignore those weeds for too long, and you may be in for more than you realize. The less often you pull weeds from your flower beds, the stronger their roots become, and the more weeds there are to pull. It is best to maintain a regular schedule of pulling weeds, even if you have to set yourself a reminder. Pulling weeds can be easier to do when the soil is moist. So, weeding right after a good rainfall or a watering session will make the task easier.

Lawn Care in the Tri-Cities

Our staff has a wealth of experience in landscaping and lawn maintenance. Starting with a consultation, the team at Promier Landscapes will help make sure your plants and lawn stay well cared for this spring and beyond. To learn more about our services, call (423) 246-7977 to schedule your consultation today.

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