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Technology for your In-Ground Pool

technology for in ground poolKingsport, TN

Smart technology is in full effect in nearly every aspect of life. We even have computer-assisted vehicles. From adjusting the air in your home to locking your doors and turning off the faucets, smart technology is useful in our lives, and your outdoor pool is no different. Having a pool without automation is like having a computer without software. Without it, your pool is useful, but not quite as safe and easy to maintain.

Your Kingsport in-ground pool installers at Promier Landscapes want to share with you the benefits of installing smart technology for your pool.

Pool automation or smart technology has many benefits for pool owners. It allows you to maintain control of your pool’s temperature, lighting, and safety features from afar. You can even open and close your automated pool cover. More intricate technology allows you to keep your chemicals balanced and effectively filter your pool.

Is pool automation worth it?

To determine if the investment of smart technology for your pool is worth it, think about how much time you spend measuring chemicals, setting up your pool and cleaning system, and opening and closing the cover for your family and friends. Without automation, these tasks easily add up to hours, not minutes. Just think, with pool automation you can take care of these tasks in mere minutes. That’s a total game changer for busy pool owners!

Imagine the time you will free up to spend doing more important things in life such as actually enjoying your pool, spending time with family, or maybe working if necessary. Plus, you will save money in the long run with your pool automation system, and here’s how.

Types of Pool Automation

Pool automation comes in various conveniences including the following:

  • Chemical level monitoring – Ensure that your pool’s chemicals are always balanced properly to avoid issues such as algae or scaling that can end up costing you more money in the long run.
  • Setting pool vacuuming system schedule – Forgot to vacuum your pool for a couple of days or simply did not have the time? Don’t worry that you will have more work waiting on you. Instead, set your pool’s vacuuming system to a schedule to have your pool vacuumed regularly and on time every day.
  • Preprogram Lighting – Save money on your energy bill by setting your pool and spa lighting to come on and go off at a set time. No remembering to turn off the lights!
  • Control Other Features – If you have a water feature, bubblers, or even a pool-side fire pit, Bluetooth controls can make turning these features on and off much more convenient.
  • Electronic Pool Cover – Being able to control your pool cover by the push of a button makes covering and uncovering your pool an easy task.

Install In-ground Pool in Kingsport

Promier Landscapes has spent a decade and a half installing pools and spas, and landscaping lawns in the Tri-Cities area. If you would like to learn more about installing an in-ground pool or adding automation features to your pool or spa, please contact Promier Landscapes by calling (423) 246-7977. We serve clients in the Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport areas.