purpose behind burlap covers

The Purpose behind Burlap Covers, Dormant Pruning, and other tips for this Winter

purpose behind burlap coversKingsport, TN

Winter is already in full swing in many locations in the Southeast. If you have not protected your outdoor living space and foliage, then the clock is ticking. You invested plenty of time and money in your outdoor landscape, so it is important to protect that investment. That means maintenance—yes, even during the dormant season. Here are some tips to help protect your landscape this winter, as compiled by your local East Tennessee professional landscapers at Promier Landscapes.

Burlap is a great way to protect plants, shrubs, and even young trees from the elements during the winter season. Frost, snow, and ice can damage and kill your foliage. Burlap also safeguards your plants against winter burn, which occurs from a combination of winter sunlight and the decreased moisture in the soil, as well as protecting your property from becoming a potential food source for hungry wildlife. When covering your foliage, prevent the burlap from directly touching the plants; when the burlap freezes, it can damage your plants and shrubs if it makes contact. Instead, install a few wooden stakes around the plant, then drape the burlap around the stakes to form a covering. If you are a do-it-yourself gardener, you can purchase the burlap you need at any local home improvement store.

Pruning is needed even during the winter when plants go dormant. Actually, the dormant season is the best time to prune your foliage because it is not actively growing, allowing you to identify any branches that are broken, weak, diseased, or dead. Pruning helps trees maintain their form, while also preventing trees from overgrowing or having their branches grow out in odd directions. In addition, pruning encourages healthy growth, while also fortifying a tree’s ability to withstand the punishment that comes from wintry weather such as snow and ice. Trees and shrubs last longer when they are pruned during the dormant season, and foliage also faces less risk of harmful disease and insect damage.

Professional Landscaping in the Tri-Cities

The winter can be a dangerous time for your plants, but if you follow a maintenance regimen that includes steps such as burlap and dormant pruning, your plants not only will last until the spring but come out of the winter even stronger. That said, even an experienced home gardener can make mistakes with regard to winter maintenance that can harm or even kill plants. Perhaps you have questions about how to protect your plants this winter, or you want someone to do the work for you. In either case, your local East Tennessee professional landscapers at Promier Landscapes can help. Our staff has a wealth of experience in gardening and landscaping. Starting with a consultation, the team at Promier Landscapes will help make sure your plants stay well protected this winter. To learn more about our services, call (423) 246-7977 to schedule your consultation today.

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