storing mower for winter

Storing your Lawn Mower for the Winter

storing mower for winterKingsport, TN

Your gas-powered lawn mower and weed eater work hard all summer long. Proper storage during the winter months is crucial in preserving the longevity of your lawn equipment. Your professional landscapers in Kingsport at Promier Landscapes wants to share with you some tips on storing your lawn mower for the winter.

These tips will help protect your lawn equipment, and have it ready when spring arrives:

Drain the gas tank

Leaving gas stagnant in the tank during the winter invites rust and could gum up the carburetor system. To empty the tank, add a fuel stabilizer first, and allow the mower to run just enough to circulate the solution throughout the mower’s system. Turn off the engine, and allow it to cool. Drain the gas from the mower; you can even add it to your car’s gas tank as long as the gas hasn’t been mixed with any oil. Then, turn on your mower and let it run until it shuts off on its own, which empties the fuel lines.

Disconnect the spark plug

At this point, it is essential to disconnect the spark plug to prevent it from kick-starting accidentally, which could lead to injury.

Remove the mower blade

Prop the mower up, and using the correct tools remove the mower blade. Be sure to wear thick gloves before attempting to touch or move the blade as it could be sharp enough to cut your hands. The blade should be cleaned and sharpened to have it ready for spring.

Drain the oil

If your lawn mower uses 4-cycle oil, it needs to be drained. Place a tarp and a pan under the mower to catch any spills. Set the mower to its side, keeping the air filter and carburetor facing up to avoid gas and oil from leaking into the filters. Remove the oil reservoir plug, and tilt the mower back down on its wheels very slowly, allowing the oil to drain out. Afterward, you can plug the spark plug back in.

Clean the mower

Use a flat edge scraper and clean the undercarriage of the mower. Grass and debris usually are stuck in this area of the mower, which can lead to rust if left on. Be sure also to clean the chute. Afterward, replace the oil with new oil.

Change air filter

The air filter helps keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently. Change the air filter in your mower at the end of every season to prolong the life of your mower. Sponge filters can be cleaned using soap and water. Make sure the filter is completely dry before placing it back inside the mower.

Replace spark plug

Even if your spark plug seems to be in good shape, a few bucks will have your mower running great come spring. A new spark plug allows your mower to run smoother and will perform better.

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